Web Developer: Nature of Employment and Types of Work Performed

A web developer is someone who specialises in the development of applications run over HTTP or World Wide Web. To help you understand their job further, below are information you may find interesting:

Nature of Employment

A web developer can be found employed in different types of organisations, including small- and medium-sized companies, large corporations, and governments. They may also be working alone as freelancers. Most of the time they are working for one organisation as a full-time employee while others are working as an independent consultant or can be as a contractor for different employment agencies.

He or she typically handles both the frontend logic and server side. The work involves implementing all the elements that users use and see in the application, including all the API and services that are necessary to power the frontend. Their salary may be dependent on the overall scope of their work, level of seniority and their location.

Type of Work Performed by a Web Developer

Modern applications contain three or more tiers. Depending on the actual size of the time he or she works on, a web developer may specialise in either one or more of the tiers or sometimes may take an interdisciplinary role.

To cite an example, in a team consisting of two people, one of them may focus on the technologies being sent to the client like JavaScript, CSS, HTML and on the server-side frameworks (like Python, Perl, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, and Ruby). These are used to deliver scripts and content to the client. The other person may be assigned to work on the interaction between the server side frameworks, a database system, and the web server.

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