How to Use Colour in Logo Design Effectively

How to Use Colour in Logo Design Effectively

In a study conducted by Psychologists Whitfield TW, and Wiltshire TJ. They found out that colours affect our body and mind in all facet of life. It also shows that colours can evoke hype-specific emotion. No wonder why the colour is one of the most crucial aspects of marketing. If you want to learn what shade is suited for your logo, here’s a brief look into the emotions represented by each of them.

Bold and Powerful

  • Red – Red is a powerful tone showing fear, love, and fashion. This is often used in a logo as it stimulates the senses, raises blood pressure, and appetite. If you want to quickly catch your audience attention, use this in your design. Coca-Cola, Red Bull and McDonald’s, Kenny Rogers are famous companies that use red.
  • Black – Black is associated with authority, power, mystery, elegance, and sophistication. Brands like Nike, Puma, and Gucci take advantage of black’s tone. If you want your online logo design Sydney to be timeless and edgy, this is what to use.

Warm and Happy

  • Yellow – Yellow creates a warm and friendly colour that is also used to stimulate appetite. While this is commonly used to highlight an important logo, you need to be careful as bright shades sometimes overpower the design.
  • Orange – Many brands who are into sports and food businesses use orange in their brand. Aside from evoking appetite, it also suggests energy, innovation, and modern thinking.


  • Blue – If you have noticed, blue is mostly used in corporate logos. It creates a sense of professionalism and sincerity. Blue is a prominent shade of medical and government branches. 


  • Brown – Brown stir up the image of masculinity and often associated with products for outdoors.
  • Green – Green has nature connotations. This is perfect for a company who offers organic goods.