Ultra-Fancy Destination For Your Honeymoon

Forget about a thousand of dollars honeymoon in Maldives and discover a paradise at the heart of Asia. Subic Bay is home to extraordinary underwater life, rich culture, and authentic Filipino cuisine. It is located on the west coast of the Philippines, a 3 to 4-hour drive from the airport.

What if I tell you that the thousand dollars honeymoon budget for a Maldives trip can already cost you a great investment in the Philippines? Not convinced? Here’s a glimpse of this paradise and why it’s a hub for investments:

Getting there is easy

Book a flight to Manila, Philippines and the next thing you know you’re exploring the beauty of this place. You have two ways to get to Subic Bay: One is by seaplanes the Philippines and the other is a drive for 3-4 hours by car.

The first option is obviously the best and fastest transportation mode. If you have a limited time to visit Subic, make every minute count and ride seaplanes. On the other hand, driving a car can also be an option but just to remind you that in some parts of the metro, there’s always a traffic jam. If you’ll travel in a rush hour, you might reach Subic via 5-6 hours driving.

Located near the beach

A property near the beach has its perks. You can visit the beach whenever you want and start a business that would help you achieve financial security. While the latter part seems tricky, it is possible if you’ll invest in a house and lot.

Some tourists spend their money on worthy experiences instead of slashing it for an accommodation. This is where you take advantage. Offer a decent price for an overnight stay at your place. You can give customers a discount to stay a little longer in your house. If you’re lucky, these tourists can even promote you to their families and friends. What a steal, right?

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