Traditional vs. Tankless Water Heaters

Over the past years, traditional water heaters have been widely used. Currently, new and sophisticated systems have been developed and are being used by homeowners. These cheap hot water systems have flooded the market. The following are the merits and demerits of both the traditional and tankless heaters.

Traditional Systems


• Lower Original Cost—The initial set up cost of installing a traditional heater is half the value required to install a tankless heater.
• Easy and Cheap to Replace—Its simple installation will lead to minimal complications during replacement.


• Increased Service Bill—The problem associated with these traditional heaters is that the keep on heating the water irrespective of your needs. This will push your utility bill up. This worsens off during the winter.
• Bigger in Size and Difficult to Set—These heaters tend to consume more room since they cannot be placed outside.
• May Run Short of Water—It can run out of the water as it is manually filled; thus, may lead to inconveniences.

Tankless Systems


• Save Money—In the long run, you will realise you saved a lot of cash. Tankless heaters are known to be about 30% efficient than conventional storage heaters.
• Save Space—They are small hence occupies little space. You can also place it outside your house like on walls and verandas.
• Long-Lasting—A tankless heater can last for over 20 years. This is double the durability of a traditional water heater.
• Produces Hot Water Efficiently—You can have your hot water on demand. It can deliver about three gallons of water every minute.


• High Installation Cost—Generally they require substantial portions of your resources for you to set up. It also depends on the type of model you will need.
• High Retrofitting Costs—The process of replacing a traditional heater with a tankless one leads to extra costs as it is complicated.

You will have to choose a heater that serves your use best. Go for a heater that is appropriate to your budget and lifestyle. The cheap hot water systems are the best if you are operating on small incomes and want quick replacements.

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