Things to Look for in E Liquid Flavours

Quitting tobacco shouldn’t be so hard. To make the experience more bearable, you need to find e liquid flavours that suits your tastes. Here’s a guide to help you find the perfect flavour for you:

E Liquid Flavours

E Liquid Flavours

Satisfying Taste

One noticeable thing about juices is its taste. There are people who prefer juices with a refreshing kick, whilst others want fruity hints. You should find liquids that can satisfy your palate. If you are curbing bad eating habits, then try sweeter ones. Beginners might want to try out a variety of e-juices to find the flavour that suits them best.

Adventurous Mixes

With a lot of flavourings that can be combined with one another, the possibilities are endless. If you are an adventurous vaper, try out different unique flavours. You can choose from liquor-flavoured ones, fruit mixes and even dessert-inspired tastes. With a lot of flavours being combined with e-juice mixers, you are bound to find an exciting new taste.

Right Amount of Nicotine

A lot of vapers want to minimise their nicotine consumption. In the transition from nicotine-mixed to non-nicotine ones, the best way to go is to gradually reduce the content. Those beginning the switch can start with stronger ones with 12mg of the substance. For milder ones, you can go for 8mg and below. Keep in mind that there are juices that do not have nicotine.

Throat Hit

Throat hit is basically the sensation tobacco smoke brings during inhalation. Former smokers might want liquids with stronger hits to simulate the feeling of smoking actual cigarettes. Combined with proper nicotine regulation, this can help smokers eliminate their tendency to crave for cigarettes.

Vaping can be helpful and relaxing when done using the right e liquid flavours. For an exquisite mix of tastes and enjoyable experience, check out the selections at Joe’s Cloud House.


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