Things To Inspect Before Buying A Home

Stylishly placed mirrors, lighting, and newly installed wallpaper are some tricks sellers use to make their home more appealing. That’s why if you are purchasing a house, make sure you don’t get fooled and inspect the critical areas first:

Plumbing Inspection

The plumbing system is vital but often overlooked. So, as a buyer, you must check the pipes in the bathroom and kitchen, and look for any leaks. If you don’t see any obvious leaks, but there are water stains, and moulds in plumbing areas, these are signs that the system has a problem. Turning on the faucets to assess the water pressure and if there’s any drain blockage is also important.


The fuse box or the main breaker must be easy to access and in good condition. You also need to know the number of electrical outlets to ensure that these are sufficient. Moreover, check the switches and the wirings to know if they are working and won’t cause any problems in the future.

Exterior Inspection

Inspect the exterior of the house before going inside. Begin with the roof and see if there are any missing shingles and if they are rusted. Next is to examine the gutters and look for any possible drainage issue. If you see evidence of water around the foundation and if the walls have cracks, better look for another property as you might spend more because of the repairs.

Check out the neighbours

Knock on your neighbour’s door and get their feedback about the area. These people are living next door for a long time so they can give advice about the house. In addition, this can also benefit you as you will have an idea to what kind of people they are. Remember, that a bad neighbour has an impact on the quality of your life, so don’t forget this.

Termites Inspection

Before closing on the purchase of a new home, perform a termite inspection Gold Coast first. This is important as termites can chew through wood, flooring and even wallpaper ruining the foundation. Hire an inspector as they can point out if there is an existing termite infestation.