Things Your Building Inspector Look For

Before deciding on the theme or the colour you wanted to incorporate with your new property, you must first check if it’s safe to purchase. And the best way to do this is to get a building inspection report. Buy Spect Adelaide House Inspection knows how important written report is, that’s why they make sure all their inspector has depth understanding about building maintenance. If you are getting a property, here are the things building inspector from Sunshine Coast usually found.


One of the reasons why mould grew is because of dampness. Because buildings have materials that are capable of mould growth, it supports the growth of bacteria. If the place has broken pipes or poor roof foundation, it can cause leaking water that creates moisture. Mould affects the structure and materials of the building but it could also bring harm to our health. If you inhale a lot amount of moulds, it could weaken your immune system. This can also bring respiratory illness like asthma, coughs and more.


In a building inspection, checking the drainage system of the place is very vital. People should understand that when you have leaky pipes, the water can ruin and destroy the materials of your home. That’s why it is important that it’s properly maintained. Someplace doesn’t have good sewage system so it lessens the value of the home.

Hidden Structural Defects

While this is generally overlooked, you need to check every detail of the buildings. Some owners hide wall cracks by putting wallpaper or interior decoration. You need to check the property thoroughly because it could be your worst enemy. Those simple cracks could bring major harm to you, your family and the people who will visit the property.

By being properly prepared, you can avoid having expensive mistakes. Whether you’re looking for a small or big place, it’s important to organise a building inspection. Luckily, Building Inspection Sunshine Coast is here to help us. Any corner of your house will be checked by their well trained and knowledgeable people. They take pride in every work that they made as they comprehensive reports to the clients. Because their aim is to ensure clients have knowledge in home maintenance, they also offer free education helping you to know how could you maintained the condition of your property.

Trust them that no outside influences can affect their service. Check your prospect property and make dealings now.