Skip Hire: Questions to Ask

Renovating your home? Perhaps you are clearing out your storage. There are a lot of situations in which a skip hire is needed. However, you need to make sure that you are getting help from the right company. To do this, here are questions you can ask:

skip hire

What type of wastes will I dispose of?

skip hire

Before getting in touch with a company, you need to list down what type of waste will be placed in it. This depends on the type of procedure you are getting. If you are working on garden renovations or having a structure built, then you will need to dispose of debris and garden wastes.

Keep in mind that there are substances that you cannot place in bins. This includes toxic chemicals, staining materials such as paints and batteries. Once you get in touch with a skip bin company, ask them what to place or not to place in their bins. Check out and learn more!

Where will I place the bin?

Your bin will be delivered by the company right to your premise. Before you have it delivered, make sure that you have a cleared up space in which you can place it. This makes the delivery more efficient.

What size do I need?

Depending on the volume of your wastes, decide what size you need for your disposal. Companies offer a lot of options for this. Make sure you get the right size to prevent you from having too much or too little space for your wastes.

What are the terms of the hire?

Some companies allow their customers to keep their bins for a week. To prevent exceeding the allowed number of days, clarify the terms with your service provider. For an efficient pick-up, make sure you can get it picked-up once it is ready instead of waiting for the allotted number of days to be over.

Get in touch with Brisbane Skip Bin Hire for your skip hire needs.

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