Make Home Security Systems Work Wonders

You don’t need a security expert to tell you that you need to secure your home from intruders and burglars, but it is not easy to set your home as burglar-proof as possible. Having visible home security systems helps deter the possibility of break-ins and can also be used to monitor your family when you’re away, especially if you have a two-working-parent and you only have your baby and kids with their babysitter. There are a few rules of thumb that you need to remember when you have your surveillance installed to utilise what they can do for you.


If you are installing home security systems, the first thing to remember when adding surveillance is to see if there’s a way to keep moving your camera. Since you will have a limited number of them, put them in more important places. If you have wireless cameras that can be mounted easily, add them where they’re needed. If you have kids, move them to the playroom. If there are guests, move it to the corridors. It’s best to always keep some in the front and back door and have a few moved around the home.

If you are utilising a software, use it to name each viewpoint properly so you don’t confuse the views in the event of an emergency. Put the camera as far away from the reach of people as possible, maybe needing a ladder just to reach it, especially if it is outdoors. This adds a wider viewpoint for your surveillance while discouraging people, especially kids, from playing around with the device.

If you’re trying to perform motion detection, the best practice is to put it as high as seven feet and point it downwards to have the best results. These types of systems are the best if they are high and angled, creating a field of view that is big and wide enough to help to register motion. If you feel like you don’t need them, like cameras that are in your room or baby station, you can turn these off until needed. This nets you a way to conserve not only battery time and energy.

There are different ways to install home security systems, but if you follow these rules, it allows you a wider, better experience for your home safety. Knowing how to set up, utilise and maintain your system gives you unparalleled security and flexibility.