Some Medically Accepted Uses of Botox

Botox has been a common process for restoring the skin features of seniors. Injecting this chemical into the skin can smoothen the wrinkles in the face. For almost 30 years, this cosmetic regimen using a botulinum toxin type A was able to restore facial skin of millions of people, making them look younger once again.

But unknown to many, the benefits of this medical practice is not limited to cosmetic use. In fact, a big fraction of its income comes from treating various medical conditions. Here are some of them:

Chronic migraines

Doctors and medical practitioners discovered that Botox injection can lower the incidence of migraines in many of their patients. Although this claim has been challenged by many physicians and considered the procedure as merely a placebo, this practice has been approved by many medical organisations, foremost of which is the US Food And Drug Administration (FDA).

Too much underarm sweating

Excessive sweating causes unpleasant body odour. This condition can be treated by injecting the chemical. The chemical paralyses small muscles around the armpit area, which in turn, stop the functioning of sweat glands.



Over-active bladder

The chemical can help control the bladder function of people with urinary incontinence. But if administered incorrectly, it can shut the patient’s bladder completely, in which case he may need a catheter.

Crossed eyes

This chemical is first used in treating crossed eyes. By injecting it near the eyes, it controls and limits the movement of the muscles.

Severe neck pain

This procedure can relieve abnormal head position and painful neck spasms that characterise the condition called cervical dystonia.

Some physicians use Botox in other medical cases such as depression, premature ejaculation, abnormal heartbeat, cleft lip scars in infants, severely cold hands and painful sex in women. While most medical organisations do not give the approval to treat these conditions by injecting this chemical, many patients who received the treatment reported positive results.

This cosmetic procedure has been proven by many studies to be safe for your skin. But just like any medical treatment, it can harm the body if not used properly in the right amounts. As such you need to visit a Botox skin treatment centre in Brisbanesuch as Artisan Cosmetic and Rejuvenation Clinic. Artisan uses a holistic approach in administering its cosmetic and dermatological treatments to make you look younger, more beautiful and healthier. The clinic also performs CoolSculpting to reduce fat accumulation in your stomach and chin areas.