What You Need To Know About Intercom Systems

An intercom system is an artificially intelligent communication system that is used within a building or a collection of buildings. It functions independently of an aggregate world circuit telephone network operated by national, regional or local telephone operators.

Intercom systems basically incorporate connections to telephones, mobile phones or walkie-talkies and other systems. They are usually mounted permanently in buildings and sometimes vehicles. Some of these incorporate controls of devices such as signal lights and door latches.


• Permanent—These are commonly used in school and office buildings. Besides buildings, permanent systems can also be used on trains, aircraft, water vessels and armoured military vehicles.

• Portable—These are usually used in organised events and venues that commonly hold events like theatres and concert halls. Special event production crews and professional sports teams also rely on this type of intercom system. Huge areas like racecourses and football pitches usually have both mounted and portable intercom elements.


• They create communication convenience around a home/building, whether it’s communicating with your kids at home or answering the front door.
• Intercom systems also greatly improve your home or office security. As it is a two-way communication device, you can identify a visitor before welcoming them in.
• They are also quite affordable and easy to install.
• Save up on cost and avoid hassles of cabling. This is also quite convenient for large houses or if there’s need for a room to room movements.

The world we’re living in is quite fast-paced when we view it on what technology has to offer. Amongst the many goodies technology has offered is intercom systems. Probably, the answer to many problems we all relate to like unwanted visitors.

Purchase and install intercom systems from Brisbane. This is the best decision you could ever make for your business, office or home. Depending on your budget and requirements, you can choose to install a wired intercom system or the wireless intercom system.