Interior Designer Tips: Mediterranean Style

The Mediterranean style has many influences, depending on where we recount it. Each country located in the Mediterranean was imposed with certain basic elements. Greeks like the colour white because it reflects sunlight. Italians are so earthbound that their interior floors have terracotta tiles. Spain has homes where we find hand-carved furniture, wrought-iron inserts and colourful ceramic tiles.

In this style, we use natural materials in their raw form. Upon stepping into a Mediterranean-style property, you will see wooden ceilings in most of the rooms. However, that’s not what it is all about. If you want to learn more about how you can turn your property into one of these luxurious-looking houses, here are tips from interior designers:

Grace your house with huge shower rooms—After a morning at the beach, a refreshing shower is always welcome. It is interesting to have a water outflow amongst the marble plaques on the floor.

Use a natural colour for the floor—Interior designers like the clean lines of the furniture. It’s the colour that makes a fine contrast with the flooring and blue accents. The luminaires are simple yet ubiquitous.

Designing the dining area is customary—Here, the wooden beams of the ceiling are powerful, yet visually attractive. Now the floor is stone with ceramic tiles. Although not necessary, they must be a little roughened or finished.

Include a fireplace—Interior designers find it quite interesting when they see a space with a fireplace, a blend of classic and new. You can use your home and dining chairs and table that you can accessorise with great candlesticks and the space around you can decorate with mirrors. The mirror frames are arabesques and the colours must be those of terracotta and sea.

Use earth tones in decorating the living room—A large living room is where you can linger all afternoon. We bet you are already familiar with the defining element of style: natural, both colour and texture. The sofas and ceiling and floor are white and should stand out. The traditional influence is seen in the closet with built-carved doors.

For redecorating the room, the ceiling can be painted with the colour of earth, if there is a parquet, a carpet from natural fibres with arabesques should be bought and the sofa covered with a natural material in a shade of white ivory. Fill with some cushions and some plants to give energy. At the end of the day, you must have a good sleep and replenish your energy for the next day