Top 2 Blocked Drain Causes and What to Do About It

When you find out you have blocked drains in your home, you must deal with them right away. They can cause you to have sleepless nights because of the bad odour it causes. One way to prevent experiencing this plumbing problem is by being familiar with its main causes and finding out how to solve each one. Here are two examples:

1) Water Flow

If your faucets are producing a smaller amount of water than usual, it’s usually the cause of low water pressure. There’s a possibility it’s caused by a build-up of sediments. To prevent this plumbing problem from occurring, you must clean the shower heads and all the removable parts. One way to completely clean the removable parts would be to soak it in vinegar for one day.

2) Tree Roots

Tree roots are known for going underneath the ground whilst they search for water to stay alive. Don’t underestimate trees that are on your neighbour’s property. They’re capable of travelling a long distance when they’re thirsty. To prevent tree roots from blocking the water passage in your pipes, water them frequently, especially during the summer. Those are the seasons when they’re expected to be dry.

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