Holiday Resorts Batangas: Things You Can Do

The wide, clear-blue stretch the Matabungkay Beach in Lian, Batangas will relax you. Wading through the waters is the most relaxing way to spend a lazy day. It’s what makes it the perfect location for Holiday Resorts in Batangas.

Go for a swim

Get on a float and sunbathe or stretch your tired muscles underwater whilst you swim. You’re not just swimming, but you’re also surrounded by beautiful sights of Lian and friendly locals frequenting the area. Look for the best spot where you can sit and get a good view of the unique scenery.

Hike Mount Talamitam

Travelling in the Philippines would not be complete without going on a hike. You can see the best views of Matabungkay from the top of Talamitam Mountain, which you can reach in just two hours. From there you’ll get a glimpse of the whole town of Nasugbu.

Have lunch afloat a ‘balsa’

Hire a balsa or bamboo raft you can lay on whilst on top of the water and fully experience your holiday. You won’t find a bamboo raft anywhere else.

Bond over water sports

Holiday Resort

Explore the beach by riding in a banana boat with friends and family. If you get tired of swimming but still want to get a view of the surrounding mountains and natural scenery, you can ride a jet ski or hire a boat to visit the wonderful islands of Sombrero, Verde, Pulo, Fortune and neighbouring beaches.

Relax through a bike ride

Simply riding the bike will strengthen your heart and fortify your bones. Enjoy the fresh air whilst you work your muscles.

The locally-owned Bambike Revolution Cycles is exclusive to the area and will provide you with eco-friendly, handmade bicycles made of bamboo. By renting one, you’re not only helping the environment but you’re also supporting the work of the community.

The Coral Beach Club offers the best accommodation packages in holidays resorts in Batangas. From booking a stay to planning your activities for the day, their management has got you covered. To view a full list of their packages and promos, you may visit their website.

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