Get Free Shipping on Photo ID Cards

Get Free Shipping on Photo ID Cards

At Name Tags and Badges, we offer free shipping for Photo ID Cards orders that are above $150. Don’t be pressured into having your orders go up to $150 because we have no minimum order. Because of that, it is alright to order just one photo ID card. There would be no need to worry about any shipping fee getting put on top of the total amount you would have to pay.

Long-Lasting ID Cards

We are proud to say we make photo ID cards that last a long time. We use only the finest resources for the cards to be durable. We guarantee the cards won’t peel while you are using them. They won’t also crack anytime you accidentally drop them to the floor too. We have been in the card-making business for a long time and nothing makes us happier than seeing a satisfied customer.

Stylish Design

You have the option of making your own design if you are familiar with basic Photoshop tools. If you are not then it would be easy to get familiarised as all you have to do is to watch a tutorial online. If that is not what you prefer then we can sit down with you and work on a design you would prefer. We won’t stop until we arrive with a design that you are completely satisfied with. Our team of graphic designers would dedicate all their time to help you come up with that design.

Double Sided or Single

At Name Tags and Badges, our photo ID cards are available to be printed on one side and both sides. If you only have a few things to put on the ID card then we suggest a one-sided card but if you have a lot to put on them then a double sided one would suffice. Whichever one you choose, we will still implement our high-quality materials in order to make it stand out.

Order Online

In a few simple steps, you can already buy your photo ID cards. You just have to indicate whether it is single sided or double sided and how many. If it is your first time transacting with us then we won’t be surprised if you only buy one. We will be confident that you will buy a lot more on your second purchase just like our past clients, though. It is only a matter of time before you become a satisfied customer.