Concrete Grinding Tips

Planning to work on concrete grinding yourself? You must consider the following tips to help you get better results:

  • Throw a little amount of sand onto the slab before concrete grinding, especially if there are residues on the surface. Extra grit on the surface will help to open up the diamonds in the beginning.
  • If you are using a multi-directional grinder, reversing the direction of the spin of the heads from time to time can help re-opening the diamond tooling.
  • When your tooling has become ineffective or glazed over, bring it to a newer part of the concrete and start grinding to re-open diamonds. This route or process is highly effective when you are removing coatings or adhesives.
  • If you intend to cool down the temperature of the tooling and the concrete, pre-soaking the slab is a good idea. By doing so, you are keeping the effectiveness of diamond tools, this is true especially in areas where the climate is hotter or when you are using the slab in a warmer working environment.
  • In the beginning of the project, leave the dust collector on a lower power or turned off so that the specks of dust can accumulate under the concrete grinder, thus aiding again in opening up the tooling. This route can also be helpful when you are removing adhesive that is very sticky. The dust that mixes with the residue of the adhesive makes it less sticky, thus keeping the tool clean and performing at its finest or best.
  • If you are planning to get rid of leftover glue on the slab before you start grinding, using a ride-on floor scraper is recommended. This method can ensure that the performance of the tooling will improve significantly by having fewer materials to remove that can improve the production rate of the grinder.

The tips above are very useful if you are planning to perform concrete grinding yourself. This task should not be difficult if you use the right tools and processes. But if you don’t have the tools, don’t hesitate to get the service of professional concrete grinding services in Geelong. Contact them to do the job hassle free for you.

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