Choosing Canvas Art Wall Décor

There are endless ideas for canvas art wall décor. It can be a favourite place, family, pets, garden and more. But before you go crazy trying to find an inspiration, you can check out the following tips:


If you don’t want an awkward looking artwork sitting in your house, then mind the size when shopping. Try to measure your walls and list the appropriate size to not end up having too big or too small artwork. So, do your homework and get perfectly fit decor for your house.


There are a lot of options when it comes to designs and if you don’t have any idea what you want, your canvas maker might be able to help you (as well as Google). For personal designs, you can consider the following:

– Frame –  Art prints can be used as an art décor with different frames such as wooden frames and rustic designed frames. Choose the border that will match your current wall paint. One good thing to consider though is that if you are planning to get two artwork prints, make sure they have the accent frames to avoid clashing of elements.

– Colour  – Regardless of the design you have chosen, make sure that it comes with a colour that matches the paint of the house. If you have a dark coloured paint, a light coloured print is recommended. For monotonous colour, you can opt for coloured frames.

– Motif  – Which wall are you decorating? Is it the kitchen? Your children’s room? Make sure that the canvas you have matches the place where you will be hanging it. If you are decorating your daughter’s room with a canvas, you might want an animal designed canvas or a princess’ designed canvas. See to it that these artworks enhance the look of the room.

You can now purchase a wholesale wall decor so you can have a more affordable artwork. This is very convenient for people who are about to open a business and wants to hang a lot of wall art.