Brendan Elias’ Tips for Getting into the Import Lifestyle

Brendan Elias is a successful entrepreneur. He entered the import lifestyle to take control of his own financial future. He started by buying Chinese DVD players and selling them in Australia, as he found that there was a huge market for the product. He’s sold a variety of different products over the years. As he got more successful, he started China Import Formula to help aspiring importers.

Get a Good Education

Did you know that Brendan was studying to be a lawyer? However, when he saw how his brother was trading in his time for money, he realised that working in a firm would mean he would be trading time for money. As he had limited time in a day, he’d also have to settle for limited earnings. This is when he decided to concentrate on starting his own business.

He turned his focus into Commerce Law and got a degree in the University of New South Wales, Sydney. Afterwards, he studied International Trade Law in Hamburg Germany. Since he knew he was going to be working with manufacturers from China, he studied Chinese Contract law in Beijing University of Politics and Law. Lastly, he took up International Copyright Law at Queens University.

Getting a good education will help you navigate the import lifestyle easily, as you’ll be making informed decisions in the industry. Seminars like China Import Formula explain laws and regulations regarding the industry in layman’s terms.

Don’t be afraid of messing up

Brendan Elias himself, as successful as he is, has made a lot of mistakes in importing. He talks about broken or missing shipments, scams and other problems he’s encountered along the way. He does, however, recognise mistakes and failures as necessary parts of the importing learning curve. Without these problems, he wouldn’t have gained more knowledge about the industry.

China Import Formula helps people create a better, brighter financial future. The import lifestyle is now something anyone can get into, as long as they’re dedicated and hardworking. Brendan Elias allows people to take control of their earning capabilities through business.

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