Awesome Ideas for Corporate Videos

When you’re suddenly given the task of finding a good video production team to work that also does corporate videos, you want only the best one for your company. Through the years, there have been cool, witty and fun ideas that have changed the way these videos are made.

Here are awesome ideas to include in corporate videos:

1. Personality Toes

Make a video showing the different kinds of employees in the company.

2. Reactions

Video challenges such as the “Spicy Noodle” or “Try Not to Laugh” challenge is a big thing on various social media platforms today. Have your co-employees jump on board with these types of challenges to see how they’d react to them.

3. Employee Struggles

Test your co-workers acting skills by re-enacting common employee struggles people experience on a daily basis such as a long line in the cafeteria, a co-worker who likes to offer food or someone who’s always late for work.

4. A Day in the Life of…

Not everyone gets to have a shining moment, but it doesn’t mean you can’t make one for another. Why not feature the ones that work to provide everyone with the company convenience and safety such as security guards, receptionists, janitors and canteen ladies?

You can also feature people with high positions in the company. Let them share their story and how they worked hard to get to where they are today. Hear their inspiring messages and know that they started from the bottom.

5. Inappropriate Reactions

Corporate videos are supposed to be fun and relevant to the image of the company. Why not ask employees inappropriate questions out of the blue to see their genuine reactions and laughter after discovering that you were only after their expressions?

Corporate videos help boost a company and increase the number of applicants and potential clients when they see that professionalism and fun go well in your place of work. Consult Stitch Productions corporate videos today!