8 Must-Haves for Your Business Card

8 Must-Haves for Your Business Card

Despite living in a digital age, business cards still have a significant impact when promoting your business. For that reason, you always need to have a good card in hand. But what makes it good? Below are the answers.


This seems obvious, but some people still failed to include it. Since business cards are meant for introduction, you should include your full name and not the initials. Make it in bold text and consider the font size and colour to use.


Are you a CEO, Manager or the President of the company? Your business card must describe your function in the business. Without your title, people will be clueless about you and why they have your card in the first place.

Contact Information

Give your direct phone number instead of giving the company’s contact information. You need to make sure that people will contact you easily and don’t have to go through digital operators before talking to you.

Logo and Tagline

When you meet someone that could be a potential investor in your business, you need to make him aware of your brand without overtly promoting it. How to do that? Put your tagline and logo on your card.


Don’t forget to include your website address on your card. Almost everyone now carries smartphones with an Internet connection in their pocket. People can look on your website the minute you hand it.

Social Media Profiles

Since people use social media almost every day, sharing your brand and products has never been easy. Include your social media pages but just pick one or two that you use the most.


Be creative. The person you just have met will only spend few seconds looking, so make a unique business cards design to catch their attention. Just don’t overdo it so it won’t look cluttered and unprofessional.