4 Tips to Give Corporate Signs More Impact

As people suffer from information overload, businesses should use signs to better advertise their products and services on physical offices and commercial establishments. For centuries, enterprises have been using this mode of marketing to attract sales.

But as this practice becomes popular, they are indeed too common that many of them block the fascinating views of the cities we are living in. So, how can you be sure that you can make your signs effective? Here are some tips:

  1. Use powerful and emotional images – Humans are more attracted to emotions than logic, especially visual communication. Powerful photos can create impact and can deliver your message faster. Just see to it that you are using the right photo for the specific emotion that you want your prospective buyers to feel.
  2. Clever and creative placement – Where you install your signs is as important as its design. To be more effective, you should place it where your eye is drawn to see them. Just make sure they don’t cause accidents.
  3. Use readable fonts – Make your text easy to be read. This is done by using the appropriate fonts. People nowadays have a very short attention span. Our minds are also getting poorer in retaining the things that we are seeing. As such, you should use a font that not only catches your customers’ attention but also be easily read and retained in their memory.
  4. Add a spice of humour or a slice of life – You are doing business with humans, not computers and machines. As such you need to empathise with their joys, struggles, resilience and even sufferings. You can use clever text or images that can touch their human side, even whilst doing serious and impersonal business.

Corporate signs are currently powerful marketing materials in improving your sales and brand visibility. To make sure you are achieving these goals, you should hire the services of reputable and tested Adelaide signs who have been in the industry for years.

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