3 Types of Engineered Wood Flooring You’ll Find

Here’s the thing about doing the treatment for your wooden floorboards: choosing between untreated boards, lacquer type, or an oil type sealant is a big decision that can affect the look and longevity of your flooring.

Whilst each one has an advantage over the other, it’s no question that it requires careful consideration. As you know, once an engineered wood flooring is sealed, it becomes permanent.


When talking about wood floorboards, the first option you can get is the classic option, which means you will get the material in its untreated state. It will not have any lacquers or sealants applied before delivery.

The great thing about untreated engineered wood flooring is the amount of control you can assert over the material when it comes to the seal, protection, and colour you can use. Many people get these floors to make sure they can control the level of detail in the floors.

You may decide to simply do the seal— getting a simple, light colour; or stain the wood and add your preferred shades.


Then there are the lacquered wood boards that are just stunning. This is typically done in the factory itself—pre-treated to a certain degree that the consumer would not need to do anything else anymore. You can also do this at home with some extra work.

Its glossy finish is amazing. The only issue is if they contract any issues like scuffs and scratches, it’s hard to repair them. There’s no way that you can sand them and redo the lacquer. The seal is final and even if the primary use of lacquer has a no-scratch and a no-wear surface, this can only last so long, especially in high-foot-traffic areas.


Finally, oil-treated boards are increasing in popularity because of the convenience they give. This type of engineered wood flooring is great since they require little pre-treatment. What’s more, they come with a certain amount of protection between untreated and lacquered floors.

Typically, the oil used in these types of wood is the natural variety. This allows further work that can be done, especially for people who like to manually treat their wood. It’s best to always find out the quality of the oil that was used and add another layer when you think it’s necessary.

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