3 Major Sea Plane Philippines Operators

With more than 7.100 islands, the Philippines is an archipelago gifted with captivating shorelines and endless natural treasures. The country is home to many world-class beaches and marine sanctuaries that never fails to make people awed.

Being a group of big and small islands means the country can be best toured using airplanes and ships and other types of sea vessels. You can only see the pristine beauty of the islands by hopping from one to another through ships and planes. Using seaplanes Philippines can be a fantastic solution to satisfy your craving for discovering islands.

Seaplanes allow you to travel via air and sea. Flying this can bring you to remote areas that can’t be reached by ordinary plane and ship. This vehicle can transport you to various places that can’t easily be toured. As a leisure traveller, you want to see and experience the tourism gems in the islands.

Seaplane operators

Seaplane services are new in the Philippines. If you want to avail seaplane rides in the country, particularly in Subic Bay Freeport, here are some key operators:

Air Juan – One of the Philippines top seaplane operators has just announced that it has expanded its daily service from Manila to Subic, Boracay, Coron and Puerto Galera. The operator also offers private charter flights via seaplanes, helicopters and propeller planes that best suit tourists.

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Seaplane Adventures – Even though this operator does not include Subic Bay as its destination, it is still worth mentioning because it is the first commercial seaplane operator in the Philippines and its direct access to the country’s most popular tourist destinations such as Boracay, Coron, El Nido, Camiguin, Pagudpod and Zambales, where Subic Bay is located.

Subic Seaplane – In the Philippines, Subic Seaplane is one of the major players that manages charter seaplane transportation service that is not scheduled that fly from the Freeport. Using this is perfect for aerial photography and other leisure flights in various popular destinations such as Boracay and Puerto Galera.

Travelling in a country that has the fourth longest shoreline is challenging but fun. Make sure you make your trip in this tropical haven memorable by riding on vehicles that provide maximum satisfaction like seaplanes Philippines.

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