The engagement in the operation of aircraft has been an integral part in the overall development of any given country. It does not only define the capacity of the country to link to other points in the world but also it can be a major factor in evaluating the country’s readiness to cater to growing commercial aviation demand worldwide.


People travel across boarders perhaps just for fun. Some people do business transactions abroad so it becomes necessary to travel from time to time. It seems that the industry is just there as part of our day-to-day activities however some people do not really understand the value of its operation in the market and in the society in its entirety.

Airports have brought hosts of benefits from and to the country where they are put up more than just a means of transportation. Beyond the fact that it hasten the flow of activities vital to the inner workings of specific country it helped invariably in the promotion of globalizing trade.

Aviation industry is an invaluable asset due to its indispensable role in the following areas:


As air traffic is expected to grow in the coming years there is a need to equip and improve airport facilities to address this huge traffic. The industry serves as the means to create good business environment in the international scale. It opens opportunities for employment creating jobs of varying skills requirements as it expands. During peak season, tourism industry gets a boost through the support of the industry. it allows the country to expand its market and at the same time it opens up new destinations for travellers.


Alongside the development of the economy it is very crucial to protect the economic gains from risks. Military aggression can be one of the hurdles for the economy to sustain its growth. It is always possible that some organizations or countries will engage into war to deter development of the other country under attack. Aviation industry determines the country’s capabilities to defend its nation and its people’s interest.

Undeniably, aircrafts play crucial role not just in economy but in terms of defense capabilities of any country. In order to sustain the economic gains that is why it is not a surprise why governments pay so much attention in the industry by putting forward plans that aims to improve further its aircraft docking point facilities to respond to ever-growing demand.

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